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Furniture Connected to the  Cloud

Our Furniture Line is connected to the cloud! We offer premium quality products with our Smart Access Systems installed.


Keep your belongings secure and easy to access with your registered fingerprint or the Smart Access App. Your fingerprint or your app are the key. No more lost keys or unlocked drawers.

We are truly the only IoT furniture in the market. Our furniture can be controlled with Alexa Voice. Our systems are encrypted end to end and we even offer 5GB of free cloud storage!


Smart Access Smart Desk

kagu IoT desk 

Bringing the Internet of Things to this modern desk loaded with technology and sophistication.This 2 drawer desk is compact yet functional. It is the ideal combination of design and utility, that can convert any area of the home or office into a sophisticated work station and can help you maintain a neat look while keeping all your important documents and belongings safely secured.


  • 5GB of free cloud storage

  • Alexa Voice control for locking and unlocking (requires security pin)

  • WiFi & Bluetooth App

  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor with Name, Date and Time Stamp

  • Admin Portal to manage users and settings

Quality Construction:

Constructed with thick manufactured wood and heavy duty metal frame. This office desk can warranty sturdiness enough to hold 350 pounds. This sleek and elegant desk has a durable easy clean surface that resists scratches and stains. Very easy and fast assembly.


Overall Dimensions:

Desk: 55 L x 27.5 W x 28.5 H

Top Drawer: 15 in L x 20.5 in W x 6 in H

Bottom Drawer: 15 in L x 20.5 in W x 10 in H

Customize the desk to meet your style. You can choose from multiple color options for both the legs and the wood.

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