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System Components

Quality Components, Quality Craftsmanship.

Cloud Access, Admin Portal, Biometric Reader, Remote Control of Smart Locks and Smart Lights

The Smart Access System transforms storage cabinets in Homes, Offices, Retail, Healthcare and Commercial into Smart Display & Storage Cabinets with Locking and LED Lighting solutions.


Smart Access eliminates the need for keys, keypads, and cards for locking/unlocking our system. The simplicity and accuracy of the Finger-Touch sensor brings ease to the burdening task of unlocking doors or drawers of your storage cabinets by carrying a key, card, magnet or remembering your password. With our system, your key is your fingerprint. 

Our Systems are Bluetooth and WiFi enabled and can be customized through the Admin Portal or the App. The Admin Portal allows the Admin to add and remove individual users and manage the individual registered users access time where the Admin can grant each user specific start and end times of access. The Admin can keep track of Name, Date and Time Stamp of every registered user that access the system using the biometric fingerprint sensor. The log can be accessed through the Cloud or the Access Point. We also offer API Integration, please contact us if you would like to learn more.


In addition to locking storage doors and drawers, our systems were designed with features to control LED lighting for accent and ambient effects to give your space a truly unique ambiance, plus it is very practical when storage cabinets are dark, providing illumination to easily find what you are looking for. Our Lights are used under upper cabinets, inside storage cabinets and drawers, in display cabinets, and as accent lighting on furniture. 


We designed our System to be able to function as “Lock Mode” or “Light Mode” that works with our APP, Finger-Touch Sensor, through Bluetooth, WiFi Cloud and Alexa. 

To learn more about our Technology, click HERE



Our Hubs utilize Bluetooth, Wifi and a Finger-Touch Sensor, redundancy is at the core of the design. Our Electronic Hubs can be controlled via the Smart Access app, remotely via WiFi (Cloud), Alexa voice control and access point. 


The Hubs have a  Multi Channel output, which gives the ability to control both lights and locks simultaneously if that is desired. New features will be unlocked with Firmware updates. Firmware updates will be performed by the user wirelessly.


We currently offer one Hub model with 3 or 6 lock outputs. With this model, the user has the option to connect between 1 and 6 locks or 1 and 6 lights depending on the model.  Several Hubs can be used within the home, office or store with each device managed through the Smart Access App.  Each hub can be assigned a unique name in conjunction with the unit the system is installed on. 


The Hubs are low voltage, 12VDC and come with the power adapter.  In the event of a power outage, also included, is a DC to USB power cord that will power the system through the use of a cell phone power bank.  The hubs can be mounted on wood, wood products, plastic or composite material and includes 2 mounting screws.  

cabinet and drawer smart lock controller

Smart Access App

The Smart Access App connects to the system via Bluetooth and Wifi. It is free to download from the app store and google play. The user can set up and modify the configuration settings directly from the app. Multiple devices can be controlled through the app. The app is secure and password enabled.

Manage all of your Smart Access cabinets and drawers through the App.

Smart Access App Device Menu Page
Smart Access App Home Screen
Google Play Icon
App Store Icon

The Smart Access App is a platform for finger-touch registration and all remote access capabilities.

Smart Access App Dashboard Page

Finger-Touch Sensor

The Finger-Touch Sensor adds simplicity; no keys, cards or keypads required.  Our high quality finger-touch sensor can read a print in a fraction of a second, offers very high security and has very high accuracy. It can store up to 200 fingerprints. We have configured the sensor to operate as a dual mode sensor, where depending on the setting it can work either as a biometric fingerprint sensor or as a digital touch switch. The digital touch switch setting works when the user selects light mode, that way anyone can operate the lighting without the need of registering fingerprints. In addition the user can decide whether the fingerprint controls both channels at the same time or independently. The sensor is sold separate as an accessory to the system.

fingerprint icon
Smart Access Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
fingerprint unlocking cabinet

Bolt Locks

Our Bolt Locks are high-quality, reliable locking devices that were designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind.  The high quality materials used in all of our components  will provide many years of carefree use and a sense of relief knowing your belongings are secure.


Our Bolt Locks were designed to auto re-lock after a pre-set time between 2 seconds and 10 minutes, eliminating the need to remember to re-lock it, thus ensuring your belongings are always secure. In the event that the door or drawer was still open after it auto re-lock, simply close the door or drawer and the locking feature will engage. It's that simple!  

Bolt Lock LSA-03-00 are our top quality locks, and have been certified by an independent testing company to secure up to 598 lbs of pull force. These locks are overall more robust and have longer wire length than our previous model LSA-01-00. Installation is simpler thanks to the external mounting holes. These locks utilize low voltage and come with a 24 month limited warranty.

Smart Access Bolt Lock
Bolt Lock
Smart Access Rotary Lock
Smart Access Rotary Lock

Rotary Locks

The Smart Access Rotary Locks are made from high-quality materials for trouble-free operation. They have been certified by an independent testing company to secure 569 pounds of pull force. The actuation of these locks is from a servo motor which allows it to use less energy and significantly increases longevity. We currently offer 2 model Rotary Locks: POP OUT Rotary Lock and TOGGLE Rotary Lock.

Pop Out Rotary Lock LSA-02-02 This lock functions by electronic release, which means it pushes the door or drawer slightly open. We recommend using up to 2 of these model locks per hub (one per channel) to avoid multiple cabinet doors or drawers pushed open at the same time. Simply close the door or drawer when done and the cabinet will lock. This lock can be used in conjunction with the other locks we offer on the same Hub to suit the user’s needs. The lock has an internal switch so the position of the lock will be transmitted to our controller to keep the user well informed. 

Toggle Rotary Lock LSA-04-00 The external appearance of this lock is identical to LSA-02-02 the only difference is the mode of operation. The Toggle Rotary Locks can remain unlocked for indefinite amount of time until the user chooses to lock them, or can be set to auto-relock between 2 seconds and 10 minutes after it has been unlocked. 

Rotary Lock
Smart Access Lock Pull Force Certification Test


Both the Smart Access Rotary Locks LSA-02-02, LSA-04-00 and The Smart Access Bolt Lock LSA-03-00 have been certified by an independent testing company. 

LSA-02-02 & LSA-04-00 are certified to secure up to 569 pounds of pull force.

LSA-03-00 is certified to secure up to 598 pounds of pull force.


Smart Access Square Silver Puck Light

Smart Access offers high quality lights that easily connect to the Smart Access Hub. Our lights are high quality components that will enhance any cabinet or furniture. Designed as ambient and accent lighting, our lights will complement and enhance any piece of furniture or cabinet.

The Light Mode provides the user with the ability to use up to 5 LED lights and 1 optional lock or 6 lights with the 6-Port Hub Kit.  When used with the 3-Port Hub Kit, up to 2 LED lights and 1 optional lock or 3 lights.  Lights and locks are independently controlled with the Smart Access App and Finger-touch sensor.

Smart Access offers two puck styles round pucks that come in three colors, white, silver and black and square puck lights that are available in silver color. 

Smart Access Round Puck Lights

Requirements for Lock Installation:

  • Designed for Wood, Wood Products, Composite, Plastic & Glass Cabinets and Furnishings. Please contact us if interested in installing on metal cabinets and furnishings, we offer a hub model that can be special ordered to be installed on metal cabinetry and furnishings (Not recommended for Exterior Cabinets or Furnishings).


  • The distance required behind drawer for Lock 1.5” for bolt locks.


  • Drill Bit 25MM for Finger Touch Sensor Installation.


  • Access to power adapter DC Jack is required. In the event of Electrical Power failure, the provided emergency USB power cable can be used to operate the system during an electrical power outage.

  • Experience in carpentry or professional installation service is recommended.

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