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Biometric Fingerprint Sensor for Cabinet Access Control VS RFID Cards or Keypads

Smart Access Biometric Keyless Cabinet Locks

Let's start by saying that fingerprints are unique, they are always with the user, and can't be shared or stolen. Even identical twins have different fingerprints which means only the person to whom the fingerprint belongs to will have access to the secured cabinet.

Clearly there are different quality fingerprint biometric readers so you must do your research and go wit the best. Smart Access Technologies biometric fingerprint readers are top quality and can store up to 200 fingerprints. They are low profile, and can be installed out of sight. They can read a print in fractions of a second, and are extremely accurate and secure. Their fingerprint reader combined with their access control hub and their top quality certified locks make a system like no other, ideal for everyone from home and office to retail, medical and commercial settings.

Smart Access Technologies designed and developed a cabinet access control system that can be controlled through the biometric fingerprint sensor, remotely through the cloud and the Smart Access App. Their Admin Panel and App are intuitive and feature-rich. Allowing you to configure the system to suit your needs.

RFID Cards & Keypads

Let's be honest, digital keypads and RFID cards are a thing of the past. Even if the manufacturers claim their systems can keep track of access, one can never be 100% sure that the individual assigned to that particular RFID card was the one who accessed the cabinet. Unfortunately cards get lost, stolen, shared and even hacked so as a manager you will never be 100% sure who accessed the secured cabinet. It has been proven over and over again how easy it is for hackers to hack a RFID card.

On the other hand, keypads for the most part are an eye sore, they are big and ugly. And then again, codes can be shared or forgotten so a manager will never be 100% sure who accessed the cabinet.

If you want to add security and simplicity when storing your belongings look no further. Smart Access Technologies will be the perfect solution for your locking needs. Click on the button below to visit the website or go to:


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