This System is a high-quality electronic lighting and locking system that expands the smart home concept to include home furnishings and cabinetry.


Lighting and locking operate separately so the user can decide if they want to use both functions or only the light function.


Under Light Mode, the fingertouch sensor operates as a switch where anyone who touches the sensor can turn the lights on or off but only registered fingerprints can unlock a secured cabinet door or drawer. 


Ideal for use in commercial or office settings for locking and lighting cabinets, desks, and storage furnishings.  Residential applications include locking and lighting kitchen and closet cabinetry, alcohol cabinets, nightstands, display and storage furnishings.


The Smart Access 4 Lights System is ideal for furnishings and cabinetry that desire lighting and may or may not require only one door or drawer to be securely locked. The FingerTouch Sensor can control both locks and lights simultaneously if the user decides to add a lock. Locks and lights can be turned on and off manually through the FingerTouch Sensor or the Smart Access App via Bluetooth connectivity or will automatically turn off after a predetermined time.


When installed, beautiful accent or ambient lighting can be obtained depending on the application and if a lock is installed as well, belongings will stay secure and can be quickly accessed. No keys or large digital keypads are needed.

4 LED Puck Light System SLS-06-01-04

SKU: SLS-06-01-04
Color | Puck Light
    • The Smart Access 4-Light System includes the 6-Port Electronic Controller, Finger Touch Sensor, DC to USB power backup adapter, mounting hardware, DC Power Adapter, and 4 Puck Lights.