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Smart Access | Smart Locking & Lighting System

Smart Lock and Light System

Designed to Secure & Enhance

Cabinetry & Furniture in Any Space

Smart Access Eliminates the Need for Keys, Cards, or Digital Keypads Maintaining a Clean Aesthetic. 

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Smart Access 4 Lock System
Smart Access | Puck Light | Silver

Special pricing is available for manufacturers, smart home installers and custom designers.

We’re looking for quality furniture manufacturers, custom cabinetry designers, carpenters and installers to join our mission in expanding the Smart Home concept into adding smart locking and lighting technology to everyday use storage solutions.  The Smart Access System software, hardware and mobile app were designed by us to ensure we truly offer the first top-quality Smart Locking System specifically for use in home and office furniture and cabinetry.  If you’re interested in adding the Smart Access System to your product and service options please contact us right away!