For Cabinetry & Furniture

Keyless Smart Lock Solutions


Keyless Smart Lock Solutions

For Cabinetry & Furniture

Configure A Smart Locking System For Your Cabinetry and Furniture

Remote Access
Auto Relock
Smart Lock

The Smart Access System transforms storage cabinets in Homes, Offices, Retail, Healthcare, and Commercial spaces into Smart Storage Cabinets with Locking solutions. The  System can be configured for use with 1 to 6 locks. Complete systems with 1, 2, or 4 locks are available with the option of additional locks up to the capacity of the controller model.

Smart Access eliminates the need for keys, keypads, and cards for locking/unlocking our system.  All functionality is controlled through the Fingerprint Sensor and the Smart Access App. 


Lock Configuration

Use Up To 6 Locks or 5 Locks & 1 Optional Light

The configuration of up to 5 locks and 1 light works for example, in an entertainment cabinet setting where the user intends to keep the doors or drawers locked but has a nice top shelf display above the T.V. that can have an accent light to enhance the overall look. Additionally if the intent is to have lighting inside furniture or cabinetry with the purpose of it turning on when unlocked and turning back off when relocked then the user can use the 6 port lock configuration and alternate locks and lights to serve that purpose.


Lock Mode:

Lock Mode provides the user the ability to use up to five of our electronic locks and one optional LED light that is controlled independently with our app and fingertouch sensor, or six locks with no LED light with the 6 port controller. Or, up to 2 electronic locks and one optional LED light that is controlled independently with our app and fingertouch sensor or 3 locks with no LED light with the 3 port controller.


  • Designed to use with Smart Access Controllers with Optional Lights

  • Unlock and lock with ease, through fingertouch sensor, app, Admin / Access Point and coming soon WiFi and Alexa                                   

  • Lock Color Options: White in stock & Black special order

  • Locks secure up to 500 lbs of Force

  • Auto Relock after 5 minutes

  • Fingerprint Sensor records up to 200 fingerprints.

  • A soft audible alert is built into the system for notification if a drawer or cabinet was left open. 

  • 12 Month Limited Warranty on Locks           

Lock Dimensions:

  • Length 3.5”

  • Width 1.15”

  • Depth 1.10”

Finger Touch Dimensions:

  • Diameter .980”

  • Threaded shank length .650”

Electrical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Lock Wire Length: 24” please contact us for custom lengths

  • Fingertouch Sensor Wire Length: 36”


  • Made of die-cast aluminum


  • CE

  • ROHS

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