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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the warranty?

The systems is covered by a 12 month limited warranty

Can I buy additional locks?

Yes, we offer two models. A three lock system and a six lock system, determine what system you have by counting the number of used connector locations (4 pins)

Do you have replacement parts?

Yes, contact our sales team. We support all of our components.

Do you have technical support?

Yes, you can reach tech support via email

Why do I hear a buzzer when I leave the door open for extended time?

The system was designed with an audible notification that is intended to alert you when you inadvertently leave door open. This function can be turned off through the App on the device page by selecting the "speaker icon" then depressing "deactivate"

Why do I receive notifications on my phone that the door is open after I deactivate the notifications using the "speaker icon"?

To deactivate mobil notifications you need to turn off the notifications in your settings menu on your mobil device.

Why am I receiving notifications that the door is open while it is closed?

Ensure the sensor mounted to the door is secure, isn't damaged or missing. If it appears to be in good condition and secure, examine the distance between sensor on the door and the sensor located on bottom of electronic lock. The sensors need to be aligned as seen in pictures. The maximum gap is 3/8" for good signal strength. Also ensure the electronic lock isn't installed near a magnetic door hold, this can cause erroneous indications.

I unlocked the door and it didn't unlock, until I pushed on handle.

This is an indication the bracket need to be adjusted to eliminate contact with the lock. Loosen the screws on the bracket slightly so its still a little snug and move the bracket in the desired direction to achieve proper adjustment then snug screws and perform a test of locking and unlocking.

Why does my lock feel warm when I use it a lot?

This is normal operation of the electronic lock and nothing to worry about.

Why do I hear the lock make a noise when the door is open?

The system is designed to auto re-lock after a preset amount of time to ensure your belongings are secure. The electronic locks were designed with the functionality of being able to close the door while it's in locked position.

Can I turn off the auto lock function?

At this time the auto lock function can not be disabled.

Can I buy longer wire?

The length we offer for the Electronic Locks is 24” and the FingerTouch Sensor is 36". We can accomodate longer wire lengths if needed. To request a custom length please contact us through

Can I use my own lock with this system?

The only locks authorized to use with this system are the ones that were designed and engineered to maintain all parameters for safety and reliability. The only products that can be used with this system are the ones sold by Smart Access.

Should I use the screws provided with the wire clamp or is the double stick tape good enough?

We strongly recommend using the screws for the wire clamp. If the screws aren’t used over time the double stick tape can come loose and the wires could be damaged.

How far apart do I put the wire clamps?

We recommend spacing the wire clamps between 12-18 inches, make sure wires are secure and won’t interfere with operation of door or drawer. If wires aren’t secure damage to the wires could result in proper operation of the locking system.

How do I install the controller?

Find a location for the controller with adequate space to ensure system installation is easier for access and routing the ribbon wires. Use the Template labeled Electronic Controller, when the location has been determined unreel the backing and stick to surface that is to be mounted to. Install the two mounting screws, check fit of controller. Tighten screws enough where controller is snug when installed on screws. The controller isn’t designed to be used in metal drawers or metal structures, the wifi/bluetooth signal will be affected. We have provided a template to locate where to put the screws.

Where do I install the controller?

Install the controller in a location that is free of as much material that cause signal reflection and impermeable. i.e avoid installing the electronic controller in a drawer with pots and pans, or on a shelf that is used to store liquid in containers. These situations are know to affect wifi and bluetooth signal strength.

What is the purpose of the cable that connects to the power adapter and the controller?

The purpose of the dongle is to ensure the power connector won’t inadvertently become unplugged from the electronic controller. The end that has the clip is secured to the controller and the other end is recommended to be external of the storage cabinet. The purpose of this is in the event the power wire is pulled it will disconnect power out side of the storage thus allowing the user to simply plug it back in and use as normal.

Can I see if my door is open by looking at the "Smart Access" App?

Yes, you have indication of the door status of locked or unlocked. The lock in the center of the page will display unlocked symbol is the door is open and locked if the door is closed.

Where do I download INSTRUCTION MANUALS?

All of our up to date instruction manuals and installation templates are available to download in the Member area of our site. To gain access you must create an account and log in. Once you are in the member area you can download manuals and templates. You will find the login icon on the footer of the page. If you have any difficulty accessing what you need please email us at Thank you!

Can the system be used if there's a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, also included, is a dc to USB power cord that will power the system through the use of a cell phone power bank.

Why is the app not responding after I updated/changed the bluetooth password?

The app is not responding because your phone settings still remember the old bluetooth password. To solve the issue fully close the app so that is not running in the background, go to your device settings, under bluetooth find your Smart Access System, select it and click forget device or unpair. Go back to the app and enter the new Bluetooth password.

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Instruction Manuals

Download the Instruction Manuals

All of our up to date instruction manuals and installation templates are available to download in the Member area of our site. To gain access you must create an account and log in. Once you are in the member area you can download manuals and templates. If you have any difficulty accessing what you need please email us at Thank you!

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