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For Technical Support Please Review Our FAQ

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  • Download the Instruction Manuals
    All of our up to date instruction manuals and installation templates are available to download in the Member area of our site. Attached are installation manuals for the different style locks and lights we offer. Please contact us at if you need to update your system to our latest firmware. Thank you!
  • Do you have technical support?
    Yes, you can reach tech support via email
  • Do you have replacement parts?
    Yes, contact our sales team. We support all of our components.
  • Can I turn off the auto relock function?
    Auto re-lock cannot be turned off for bolt locks (LSA-01-00 and LSA-03-00) you can select the amount of time they remain unlocked between 2 seconds and 10 minutes. Pop-Out Rotary Locks (LSA-02-02) do not have auto relock since they will lock as soon as the door or drawer closes. Toggle Rotary Locks (LSA-04-00) can remain unlocked indefinitely until you decide to relock them.
  • Can I buy longer wire?
    Yes, We offer 8ft extension cables that are sold separate. LSA-01-00 Electronic Locks come with a wire length of 24”. The FingerTouch Sensor wire length is 36". LSA-02-02 and LSA-03-00 wire length is 6 ft.
  • Can I use my own lock with this system?
    The only locks authorized to use with this system are the ones that were designed and engineered by Smart Access Technologies to maintain all parameters for safety and reliability.
  • Should I use the screws provided with the wire clamp or is the double stick tape good enough?
    We strongly recommend using the screws for the wire clamp. If the screws aren’t used, over time the double stick tape can come loose and the wires could be damaged.
  • What is the purpose of the cable that connects to the power adapter and the controller?
    The purpose of the cable is to ensure the power connector won’t inadvertently become unplugged from the electronic controller. The end that has the clip is secured to the controller and the other end is recommended to be external of the storage cabinet, so that in the event there is a power outage you can use the provided USB connector to power the system with an external cellphone power bank.
  • Can the system be used if there's a power outage?
    Yes, In the event of a power outage, also included, is a DC to USB power cord that will power the system through the use of a cell phone power bank. You can also use a 12VDC backup battery that connects straight to the hub. Both, Pop Out Rotary and Toggle Rotary Locks have an emergency release backup cable with a laser cut key that can be discreetly mounted as a backup as well.
  • Are the connections encrypted?
    Yes, Smart Access Systems have end to end encryption.
  • When logging in to the Access Point, Why does it say "Not Secure" next to my browser?"
    When you are connected to the Hub's Access Point, you are not connected to the internet. When the browsers look for security certificates they can't find them because they are not connected to the Internet.
  • Why is the app freezing?
    The app freezing is a sign of interference. Make sure the hub is not installed near electrical equipment, electrical wires, wireless devices, fluorescent lighting and or any other device that can cause interference. It is recommended to conduct a RF site survey prior to installation to rule out interference at a particular location.
  • Are the lights dimmable?
    Yes, the lights are dimmable when the hub is configured in the settings page to Light Mode. You can dim the lights directly through the dimming bar on the main dashboard page on the app or in the settings page. Lights can also be dimmed in the settings page through the Access Point and Admin Portal.
  • Can I use both locks and lights interchangeably on channel 2?
    Yes but make sure you have your hub set to Lock Mode and the dimming in Settings is set to 10 (Bright /Not Dimmed). In this case lights will turn on when unlock and will turn off when re-lock.
  • Can I keep my bolt locks unlocked longer if I set the system in Light Mode?
    No, our Bolt Locks LSA-03-00 are NOT made to remain unlocked "energized" for long periods of time. Keeping the locks unlocked for over 10 minutes will break the locks and the hub and you will void the warranty. In addition, when you set your system to light mode the fingerprint sensor works as a digital touch switch where anyone who touches the switch will be able to turn on the lights without requiring to register a fingerprint therefor if locks are set in light mode anyone who touches the fingerprint sensor (acting as a digital touch switch under light mode) will be able to unlock the locks. DO NOT SET YOUR LOCKS IN LIGHT MODE. Please purchase our Toggle Rotary Locks LSA-04-00 if you want the locks to remain unlocked indefinitely until you decide to lock them back.
  • Where can I install the system?
    The system is designed for Wood, Wood Products, Composite, Plastic, Glass & Metal Cabinets and Furnishings. For metal cabinets the hub needs to be installed outside of the cabinet or the user needs to special order a hub with an external antenna. Metal interferes with WiFi and Bluetooth signals. Do not install the hub near electrical equipment, electrical wires, wireless devices, fluorescent lighting and / or any other device that can cause interference. Make sure you test the system and verify it is not affected by interference. It is recommended to conduct a RF Survey if you are not sure if there is any type of interference that may affect the system.
  • Do I have to install the finger-touch sensor? Or can I just control the system with the app?
    You can control the system only with the app if you do not want to install the finger-touch sensor. We recommend using the system with the finger-touch sensor. It is an easy and convenient way to access your secured cabinets.
  • How long is the warranty?
    All our products are covered by 24 months limited warranty.
  • Are the locks certified?
    Yes, LSA-02-02, LSA-03-00 and LSA-04-00 have been tested and certified by an outside agency.
  • How to register a new fingerprint.
    To Register a Fingerprint: 1- Open the Smart Access Technologies PLUS App. 2- Click on the Users Tab 3- Tap on Add/Edit User 4- Enter the User Name or ID 5- Select Day/Time of Access 6- Check Capture Fingerprint 7- Click Save As soon as you click save the fingerprint sensor will start flashing red place your finger on the reader for about 1 second, lift your finger and then place it again for another second. As soon as it completes recording your fingerprint the light will quickly flash blue.
  • Why is the new app (Smart Access Technologies PLUS) not able to connect after I did the firmware update?
    If you were previously controlling your system with the old app (Smart Access) you will need to go to your phone Bluetooth settings, find Smart Access followed by its SSID and select forget device or unpair to completely unpair the device from the old app. Once you've unpair it go back to your app and log back in.
  • Do You offer API?
    Yes, API is available upon request. Please contact us to learn more.
  • Register Your Smart Access System
    For warranty and future software updates please register your device. You must create an account to register your device. Navigate to the site footer and select "Log In" to create an account. In the event there is a software update to the device, you will receive notifications and will be able to download the software through your registered account.
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