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Our Technology

Our Systems are Unique! We Raised the Bar for Cabinet Locking & Lighting Systems.

The dual channel Hub can manage locking and lighting functions, independently or combined. 

Many Ways to Manage our Systems

Biometric finger-touch sensor: Our high quality finger-touch sensor can read a print in a fraction of a second, offers very high security and has very high accuracy. It can store up to 200 fingerprints. Our sensors are rated with FAR<0.001% and FRR<1%. It is programmed to operate as dual mode, depending on the setting it can work either as a biometric fingerprint sensor or as a digital touch switch. The digital touch switch setting works when the user selects light mode, that way anyone can operate lighting without the need of registering fingerprints. In addition, the user can decide whether the fingerprint controls both channels simultaneously or independently. If the user selects to control both channels independently, then using the same registered fingerprint the user needs to touch the sensor for under 1.5 seconds to control channel 1 and over 2 seconds to control channel 2.

Smart Access App: Our app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play. The app is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. The user can set up and modify the configuration settings directly from the app. Multiple devices can be controlled through the app. The app is secure and password enabled.

Smart Access Technologies App Home Screen
Smart Access Technologies Admin Portal

Remotely through a Desktop Computer or Tablet: Our Hubs are connected to the Cloud, the user can use a desktop computer or tablet to access the Admin Portal. If the user chooses to do so, the user can also connect to the system through the system’s Access Point.

Alexa Voice Command: The hub has Alexa skill enabled and any Alexa device can control the system for locking or lighting. For locking, a secret pin needs to be entered to prevent anyone from telling Alexa to unlock a cabinet. This is an optional feature the users can enable if they desire to use that function.

Voice Control
Smart Access Emergency Release Cable for Rotary Locks

Emergency Release Cable: In addition we offer a back up emergency release cable for both model Rotary Locks that we offer, in the event there is power failure a laser cut key can be used to unlock the locks. Up to three locks can be connected to one emergency release cable.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal allows the Admin to add and remove individual users, manage the individual registered users access time, grant each user specific start and end times of access, and keep track of name, date and time stamp of every registered user that access the system using the biometric fingerprint sensor. The log can be accessed through the Cloud or Access Point.

API Integration

You can now integrate our system with your current software. Please contact us to learn more about our API


Both Rotary Locks have an integral position sensor that enables the electronic lock to sense the position of the door/drawer and transmit it to the hub. The user can see the status in the app.

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