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The Future of Smart Storage Furniture & Cabinetry

You are probably wondering why do I need Smart Furniture & Cabinetry? The simple answer is security and convenience. We all have important documents, jewelry, and other personal belongings that need to be securely stored but easily accessible when needed. Not everyone has a safe, safes take up space and for the most part, are pretty obvious. With Smart Access Technologies Systems you can transform virtually any storage furniture and cabinet into a smart secure storage furniture and cabinet. The system allows you to safely secure you belongings and quickly access them through the Cloud, WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Access App, and the biometric fingerprint sensor. The Smart Access System includes 5 GB of free data storage with every account connected to the cloud.

We live in a day and age where technology is all around us, we can control virtually anything through an app; keys are a thing of the past but pretty much every single storage furniture still locks with a key. With Smart Access Technologies Systems you can add furniture and cabinetry to the list of smart things connected to the Internet. The biometric fingerprint sensor is easy to install highly accurate and allows the user to keep track of users’ name, date and time of access, including “start/stop” times of access. This feature is ideal for retail businesses and offices.

Smart Access Systems can also manage LED lighting functions that can work as accent or ambient lighting.

The systems offer state of the art technology with end-to-end encryption. They were designed for furniture and cabinetry, such as display cabinets, medical cabinets, office desks, file cabinets, dressers, nightstands, and all other storage furnishings for the home, office, and retail.

For Home Furniture

Smart Access Systems will give you the extra peace of mind that your personal belongings are securely stored. The biometric sensor is highly accurate and can be installed discretely out of sight if needed while belongings can be accessed within a few seconds. Nightstands, dressers, home office desks, file cabinets, concealment, alcohol cabinets, medicine cabinets, it can all be securely locked and easily accessible through the app or fingerprint sensor.

For Office Furniture

It is very common to walk into an office and see storage cabinets, desks and file cabinets either unlocked or with the key hanging so that they don’t get misplaced. With the Smart Access Systems all storage cabinets will remain securely locked at all times and will be easily unlocked through the app or fingerprint sensor. An admin can keep track of which employee accessed which cabinet when or can unlock a cabinet remotely through the cloud. Each biometric fingerprint sensor can store up to 200 unique fingerprints allowing many employees to be registered at a time. Shared office spaces can benefit from the systems too, by granting daily use to different users.

For Businesses and Retail Display Cabinets & Furniture

With the Smart Access System an admin can grant access to several employees and keep better track of which employee accessed which cabinet when. No need for the employees to carry multiple keys, RFID cards or remember key codes; all they need to gain access is their fingerprint. The fingerprint sensors are elegant, discrete, accurate and secure.

Smart Access Systems are made of premium components made to last, and offer a 2-year limited warranty with lifetime support. The systems are designed and developed in the USA.

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