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The Cabinet and Drawer electronic rotary lock is made from high quality materials for trouble free operation. The actuation of this lock is from a servo motor which allows it to use less energy and significantly increases longevity. This lock functions by electronic release, which means it pushes the door or drawer out about one inch when it opens. We recommend using up to 2 of these model locks per controller (one per channel) to avoid multiple cabinet doors or drawers pushed open at the same time. Simply close the door or drawer when done and the cabinet will lock. This lock can be used in conjunction with the other locks we offer on the same controller to suite the user’s needs. The lock has an internal switch so the position of the lock will be transmitted to our controller to keep the user well informed. 



The lock’s body is made from 304 stainless steel.

The latch is made from zinc alloy.

The mounting cover is made of steel.


Low power requirements, higher load capability.

Pop-Out Rotary Lock LSA-02-02 $79.99

SKU: LSA-02-02
  • The Rotary Lock Includes: 1 lock, 1 mounting adapter / cover, 1 latch and mounting hardware.