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The Smart Access Icon 3 Port Hubs are an upgraded version of the original Smart Access 3  port hubs. 


Each hub has two independent customizable channels with preloaded software to configure to suite your needs. 


These Hubs offer most functionality without lock position indication, and require a small connector to plug in the locks and lights.


There are two primary modes, Lock and Light modes. The hubs are loaded with software to enable the customizations during initial setup.


Lock Mode: In this mode the Hub functions as a Cabinet Management System that can track name, date and time stamp of registered users whom had access via the Biometric Fingerprint Sensor. The Hub has an Admin Portal with Access Logs and Configuration pages to select the setting you desire.


Light Mode: In this mode the Hubr functions as a Sophisticated Lighting System that has the capability of securing one storage compartment with a lock. Under this mode, the fingertouch sensor operates as a digital touch switch where anyone can turn the lights on or off, but if there is a lock, only the registered fingerprints can unlock the lock. To select this mode of operation the user selects this mode during the initial set up of their new device.  


The Smart Access App is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

*Locks, Lights & Finger-Touch Sensor sold separately. *



6.2" L x 3.9" W x 0.9" D


Requirements for installation:

  • Designed for Wood, Wood Products, Composite, Plastic & Glass Cabinets and Furnishings
  • Drill Bit 25MM for optional Fingerprint Sensor Installation
  • Access to power adapter DC Jack is required in the event of Electrical Power failure, the provided emergency usb power cable can be used to operate the system during electrical power outage. 


SKU: CSA-02-03